the 5th element

the support

In the accepting atmosphere of a Breema bodywork session, it is easy to drop concern, worry, and anxiety, which get replaced by a sense of comfort, support, relaxation and harmony. Letting go of our habitual preoccupations frees our energy and enthusiasm, and offers the possibility of new ways of thinking and feeling, and a new posture towards life.

the practice

Giving my attention to body breathing and body having weight conserves my energy. I experience the mind becoming quieter and more available, and my body becoming more relaxed. With some practice, I may even begin to notice my emotions becoming calmer. When body-mind connection becomes my foundation and my direction for life, the challenges that face me don’t seem so daunting or insurmountable. Working through obstacles and details doesn’t drain so much energy, and the rewards are much more satisfying and meaningful.

“In the session, I represent acceptance for my clients. I work with being present so I can model that for them. Because of my study and practice of Breema, I may have developed that more, but my goal is to help them find that in themselves.”

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